Published at 10:51AM - 21/01/15

A Roustabout is an entry level position within the offshore oil & gas industry- typically drill crew.

The position of Roustabout is normally unskilled, and involves general cleaning and deck work, allowing trained and skilled personnel to carryout their jobs unhindered.

Typically becoming a Roustabout will be a way of getting ‘Offshore’ and eventually a position in an offshore drill crew.

Traditionally Roustabouts would also be employed by the company running the platform or asset to carry out similar work,  however in more resent times, asset Roustabouts are typically rebranded as Deck Crew.

Within offshore drilling, a Roustabout, if accepted will move up to the position of Roughneck, where he / she will work directly in drilling operation on the drill floor.

Within the asset (platform, jack-up etc), a Roustabout will work his or her way up to a Deck Foreman, unless they retrain as skilled labour.