Published at 01:56PM - 11/01/15

The Toolpusher is the manager of all offshore drilling activity.

Typically the Toolpusher will be the most senior member of the drilling crew, who would have worked his/her way up from an entry level Roustabout or Roughneck.  Due to this bottom to top route, the Toolpusher is normally extremely experienced and well respected.

Due to offshore drilling operations running 24hrs a day, there would normally be two Toolpushers offshore at anyone time, one Toolpusher in charge of the nightshirt known simply as the Toolpusher and one in charge of the Day shift and in overall command of drilling operations known as the Senior Toolpusher.  

The Senior Toolpusher is expected to be in control of all aspects of offshore drilling, from the drilling operations themselves, the training and competencies of his/her drill crew, and the running of all offshore drilling plant, equipment and systems.  In more recent times, the Senior Toolpusher has also taken on the role of all offshore drilling office based management.

Should any aspect of the drilling operations go wrong, the Senior Toolpusher is expected to sort the problem quickly, whilst keeping both Company Man and onshore Rig Managers informed.

For these reasons, The Senior Toolpusher is seen as an extremely hardworking and stressful role.