Fairfield Energy's Dunlin Alpha Platform To Be Decommissioned

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The Dunlin is a FairfieldEnergy owned and operated platform, that sits approximately 195 km north east of the Shetlands straddling blocks 211/23a and 211/24a in the UKCS.  It sits in 151m (495ft) of water.



Originally discovered in 1973 by a Shell UK and Esso Exploration and Production joint venture, and later confirmed through a separate licence by a Conoco Phillips led consortium, the Dunlin Alpha came online in 1978 with an estimated recovery of 363 million barrels of oil equivalent.

Originally owned jointly by Shell UK and ESSO EP UK, and operated by Shell, The Dunlin was sold to Fairfield Energy and subsidiaries of the Mitsubishi Corporation in April 2008.  At this time AMEC became the duty holder.

As of midnight 31st March 2014, Fairfield Energy took control as duty holder from AMEC.



The Dunlin Alpha is a concrete gravity platform design and has a storage capacity of 838,200 barrels of oil equivalent in its sub structure, with the sub structure weight totalling 229,000 tonnes and designed to carry a topside weight of 15,635 tonnes.

The Dunlin Alpha was designed to have the facility to drill, produce and meter before pumping through the Cormorant Alpha and Brent System to the Sullom Voe refinery on Shetland.

All facilities including Drilling are currently serviceable.



Production on the Dunlin Alpha peaked at 120,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in 1979.

The Osprey field discovered in 1974 by appraisal well, started production in 1991 and operates by subsea tie-back to the Dunlin Alpha.

The Dunlin SW field discovered in 1973 was brought online in 1996 after an extended reach well was drilled from the Dunlin Alpha.  The Dunlin SW field had a second well drilled, again from the Dunlin Alpha, in 1998.  Both of these wells are still producing and both are still receiving water injection from the Dunlin Alpha.

The Merlin field was discovered in February 1997 by a side-track exploration well and commenced production in November of the same year- also through subsea tie-back.  In 1999 the Merlin field had a second well drilled at the same time as a water injection system was fitted.  In 2001 the Merlin field had its third well drilled.



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