Safe Boreas Starts Work At North Sea Montrose

Published at 03:21PM - 18/03/16

Safe Boreas starts work at North Sea Montrose platform, as operators Talisman Sinopec continue their major upgrade project for the area.

The vessel’s operators, ProSafe, confirmed the start of Safe Boreas’ contract Friday, stating that the contract is set to run for a firm period of eight months.

Safe Boreas Starts Work At North Sea Montrose

Talisman Sinopec will use Safe Boreas during the entire 2016 phase of their ongoing Montrose Area Redevelopment (MAR); providing the project with additional accommodation, offices and deck space for materials and equipment.

The vessel will provide a permanent gangway to the new Montrose BLP platform, a bridge linked jacket, installed during the MAR project’s 2015 phase.

Further options have been included in the contract that, if used, would increase its current US$60 million value.

Safe Boreas

The Safe Boreas was delivered in 2015 by the Jurong Shipyard, Singapore. Designed to provide accommodation in the world’s most harshest of offshore environments, Safe Boreas has been fitted with a DP3 (dynamic positioning) system as well as 12 point mooring arrangement

The vessel has the capacity to accommodate 450 personnel, all in single man cabins, and has been certified to operate in both the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea.

The Safe Boreas Overview