Shell Suspends CHC Helicopter Flights

Published at 12:14PM - 03/05/16

Shell has suspended offshore helicopter flights with operator CHC, following the fatal crash that killed 13 in Norway last week.

Both Norwegian and UK Civil Aviation Authorities have already moved to ground the particular model of aircraft that crashed, the EC255 Super Puma. Hoverer Shell is now going further by suspending all flights by the helicopter’s operator CHC.

Shell Suspends All CHC Helicopter Flights

The suspension is being put in place only in the Norwegian sector, and will directly effect the oil and gas supermajors Draugen and Knarr fields.

“Shell has with sadness followed the reports of the tragic event outside Bergen in Norway. Our thoughts and condolences go out to the families and colleagues of the victims,” said a spokesman for shell.

“We are confident that every measure will be taken to reveal the cause of the accident and to ensure the safety of the people of our industry.”

“In light of the tragic accident on Friday, A/S Norske Shell wishes to engage with CHC HS in Norway to reaffirm that all operational requirements are met to the defined standards. This process involves Shell’s global air transport assurance provider (Shell Aircraft).

“As a precaution, it is decided to temporarily suspend all CHC HS passenger flights for Shell in Norway.”

“We are working to find alternative helicopter service providers to temporarily support our operations in Norway, and continue to work closely with CHC HS to complete the verification process.”

“Shell continues to use CHC for offshore services globally outside Norway.”

Workers Petition

A petition to ground the use of the EC255 Super Puma has been started by UK offshore workers. The model of helicopter has been involved in numerous accidents in recent years, many relating to gearbox problems.

The petition, titled ‘Remove the Airbus 225 Super Puma from service’, will be delivered directly to the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

The petition states:

‘This petition is for all North Sea Offshore Oil Workers and their families, and the public at large, to finally say enough is enough with the Super Puma airframe. In signing this petition you are asking for the Airbus 225 Super Puma to be permanently removed from service as its been involved in one incident too many, where yet again fatalities have occurred, and you wish to express a vote of no-confidence in the safety of this airframe. We call on the CAA to put the lives of Offshore Oil Workers and the pilots before vested interests, and revoke the air worthiness certificates for this aircraft. Failure to do this will result in more needless deaths.”

The petition currently has almost 20,000 signatures, and can be viewed by clicking here.

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