Songa Offshore To Close Aberdeen Office Cutting 200 Jobs

Published at 01:07PM - 02/02/16

Songa Offshore to close Aberdeen office cutting 200 jobs as the offshore drilling firm looks to ‘Rightsize’ its onshore organisation.

The Norwegian Cypriot firm announced the news saying: “Songa Offshore is now transforming from being largely a projects organization to an optimized operating organization.”

Songa Cuts 200 Jobs

Songa added that as part of this, it would be looking to reduce its global onshore workforce by 200, with 76 of the firm’s employees and 124 contractor roles already identified.

The cuts will mainly come from Songa’s offices in South Korea and Aberdeen, but also include the company’s offices at Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger, as well as Songa Offshore’s rig management base in Cyprus.

Songa Offshore To Close Aberdeen Office

The ‘Rightsizing’ will centralise the the company’s workforce in Norway, and negate the need for its Aberdeen and South Korean offices- which Songa aims to close during 2016.

A total saving in the region of US$ 30 million is expected from Songa Offshore’s annual expenses, which will better place the firm to deal with the ongoing downturn.

Commenting on the announcement Songa Offshore CEO, Bjørnar Iversen, said: “This is a very important and necessary adjustment of our organisation to secure Songa Offshore’s competitiveness and sustainability in an extremely challenging drilling market.”