Statoil Troll C Platform Starts Production

Published at 04:43PM - 24/08/16

The Statoil Troll C platform has spudded the Fram C East long production well from the existing Fram subsea template, Statoil reported.

Production will be tied back to the Troll C production hub in the North Sea, while gas will be transported to Kollnes via Troll A.

“Fram C East is a small development project, but a key element of our plans to capture maximum value in the Fram area,” Statoil Vice President of Operations at Troll and Fram, Lars Høier, said.

Statoil Troll C Platform Starts Production

The oil produced will be piped to Mongstad for further processing, Statoil informed in a statement.

As a result of the development, Statoil will be able to maximize production from the Fram area, as well as increase Troll C production and activities.

Troll C Platform Starts Production at Fram C
The Stena Don floater was used to drill Fram C East


As well as this, it enabled Statoil to reduce its initial capital expenditure (800 million NOK, or £73.54 million) to approximately 600 million NOK (£55.16 million) “thanks to a simple, smart well concept and significantly increased drilling efficiency”.

“We are pleased to see that our targeted efforts to cut costs and improve profitability on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) have benefitted this development project. Fram C East has seen profitability rise from good to even better and will see a positive cash flow as early as in 2016,” Høier adds.

Statoil Maximises Value with Fram C Well

According to Statoil’s Senior Vice President of Operations West, Gunnar Nakken, the company’s strong position in several partnerships in the Troll/Fram area provide it will the “flexibility and possibilities to generate high value by taking an overall approach to the area, maximising the use of the existing infrastructure”.

“This represents good resource management, benefitting our partners, our owners, suppliers and society at large,” he added.

Statoil estimates recoverable resources in the area at 18.2 million barrels of oil and 1.6 billion standard cubic metres (56 million cubic feet) of gas.

Fram C East is operated by Statoil (45%) with partners ExxonMobil (25%), Engie (15%) and Idemitsu (15%).

The well was drilled by the Stena Don floater.

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