Storms Cause Many North Sea Platform Evacuations

Published at 03:55PM - 13/01/15

Norwegian producer Statoil evacuated workers from seven of its North Sea platforms over the weekend, with many other North Sea operators following suit.

A spokesperson for Statoil confirmed that production was not affected. The platforms which were left partially unmanned were Troll B, Statfjord B & C, Huldra, Snorre B, Veslefrikk and Heimdal.

Statoil confirmed that it was planning to move the workers back as soon as the storm was confirmed to have passed. The Norwegian weather institute had confirmed that hurricane-level winds were possible, resulting in waves of up to 12 metres.



A Video Showing The Effects Of The Storm On The Semi-Submersible Borgholm Dolphin


Video courtesy of James Eaton

Last updated on 09:48AM - 15/01/15