Talks on Offshore Workers Dispute to Continue

Published at 09:00AM - 19/08/16

The Wood Group issued a joint statement with the Unite and RMT trade unions regarding the current dispute and recent strike actions by offshore workers on Shell North Sea platforms.

According to the statement, the company and the trade unions held two full days of “constructive discussions” which are expected to continue next week.

“These talks, which are allowing all parties to bring ideas to the table, involved union officials, offshore shop stewards and Wood Group management,” the statement reads.

Talks on Offshore Workers Dispute Continue

“These collaborative discussions have demonstrated a clear, shared understanding of the issues being raised by all parties, plus the challenges facing the North Sea,” the statement adds.

The stakeholders added that they remain focused on their aim – “reaching a mutually acceptable outcome, which demonstrates collective leadership in shaping the future of the North Sea”.

Talks on Offshore Workers Dispute to Continue
Wood Group Workers Strike on Shell Nelson North Sea Platform

Additionally, the statement explains that, during the discussion period, none of the parties will make any further public statements regarding the matter.

The Wood Group and the trade unions had already issued a joint statement last week confirmed they had agreed to resume talks, after the unions had set new dates for further industrial action.

Wood Group Won’t Implement Pay Cuts Until Agreement is Reached

“All parties recognise that the challenges we are facing in the North Sea are both real and serious and there is acceptance that change is required and will happen,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, the Wood Group has stopped the implementation of its proposal for pay cuts during the fresh talks.

In response, the unions agreed to suspend any further strike action before a decision is made.

“For these talks to be successful, it is essential to create a constructive environment in which they can take place,” the statement read further.

The discussions follow a strike action by nearly 400 offshore oil workers on seven Shell-operated platforms caused by a dispute over pay cuts and changes to working hours proposed by the Aberdeen-based Wood Group.