TAQA Cuts 100 Offshore North Sea Oil And Gas Jobs

Published at 06:46PM - 06/11/15

North Sea oil and gas operator, TAQA, has confirmed it has cut around 100 offshore oil and god jobs from its North Sea operations.

The news comes in light of a consultation period TAQA held back in August, over the size of its offshore workforce.

The cuts are thought to have mainly come from core crew positions, and hit contractors Wood Group the hardest.

TAQA has said that unlike most of it fellow North Sea oil and gas operators, it will be keeping its workforce on a two weeks on three weeks off rotation.

TAQA North Sea

The Abu Dhabi based company currently acts as operator of five UK North Sea platforms, including the Cormorant Alpha, North Cormorant, Eider, Tern Alpha and Harding. The five platforms produce both oil and gas across a total of 13 offshore fields.

TAQA also operates the subsea Brent Pipeline system, a 147 km (91 mi) oil pipeline that connects up 20 of the UK’s North Sea oil fields and transports oil produce back to the the BP operated Sullom Voe oil terminal.

The Brent pipeline alone is estimated to carry around 90,000 barrels of oil a day- approximately 10% of the UK’s total oil production.

A TAQA spokeswoman said: “I can confirm that the consultation process in conjunction with our key contractor companies has concluded and our new offshore organisation structure is in place, resulting in a reduction of around 100 offshore core crew positions as planned.”