TAQA To Layoff 100 UK North Sea Offshore Workers

Published at 11:54AM - 07/08/15

TAQA, the Abu Dhabi based oil and gas production company, has today announced the laying off of around 100 offshore workers from its UK sector.

TAQA has hinted that the job losses will be mainly aimed towards contracting companies working on its UK offshore platforms, in a bid to keep its own staff employed.

The UAE based firm has pointed towards the continuing crash in the global oil price as the reason for the job cuts.

A spokesperson release a statement for TAQA , which said: “As part of our focus to deliver safe, efficient and sustainable operations and development in the UK North Sea, we are restructuring our offshore organisation to establish a consistent operating model across our northern and central North Sea platforms..’

The statement went further saying “As a result we have regrettably determined that it is necessary for us to reduce the size of our offshore crews. We are currently proposing a reduction of around 100 offshore core crew positions, mainly impacting contractors. Working closely with our key contractor companies, the process will take a number of weeks and will involve consultation with those potentially affected by this change.

Currently in the UK sector of the North Sea, TAQA operates five manned offshore installations, which produce both oil and gas from 13 fields, covering an area that spans both the UK’s Northern North Sea (NNS) and its Central North Sea (CNS).

TAQA’s UK offshore platforms include the Cormorant Alpha, Eider, North Cormorant, Tern Alpha and Harding.

On top of its offshore platforms, TAQA also operates the subsea Brent Pipeline that transports natural gas and Brent crude from the area back ashore to the oil terminal of Sullom Voe.

At present, the Brent Pipeline transports 90,000 barrels of Brent crude oil per day, around 10% of the UK’s offshore oil production.