Tata Steel Wins Latest North Sea Culzean Contract

Published at 09:24AM - 18/09/15

Tata Steel have announced the award win of the latest contract on the Maersk Culzean offshore gas field project.

The contract will see Tata proved the offshore project with the subsea gas export line that will tie the Culzean platform into the existing Central Area Transmission System (CATS) pipeline.

The 22 inch subsea pipeline will have a total length of 32 miles (53 km), and require more than 18 thousand tonnes of carbon steel.

Tata have said that the work will be carried out at its UOE LSAW pipe mill, Hartlepool on the UK’s east coast, whilst local firm BSR Pipeline Services will provide all coating service prior to the pipeline being shipped.

Tata Steel’s commercial manager, exploration and production, Richard Broughton, said: “We worked very closely with Maersk, to ensure that the stringent technical requirements were understood,”

“Our technical capability to manufacture low temperature pipelines with tight dimensional control is well proven, and I am confident that this was a key consideration in the tender evaluation.”

Tata say the work is due to start in September 2015, with the work expected to take a total of 18 months to complete.

The Offshore Culzean Gas Field

The Offshore Culzean gas field, is the largest offshore discovery made on the UK continental shelf for over ten years.

It will require a total investment of around  GB£3 billion (US$4.6 bn), and once in production, will supply the UK with 5% of its total gas demand.