Terrorists Attack Chevron Platform

Published at 12:26PM - 06/05/16

Terrorists have attacked one of Chevron’s oil platforms offshore Nigeria, in the country’s oil rich Niger Delta region.

According to oil major Chevron, its Okan offshore platform was attacked Wednesday by a group known as the Niger Delta Avengers.

Terrorists Attach Chevron Platform

“The facility that was bridged is the Okan offshore platform. The valve is offshore our Escravos terminal area,” said Chevron’s General Manager for Public Affairs, Deji Haastrup.

“We have shut in the facility and we have mobilised to contain the potential spill that results from incidents such as this. All of our export commitments are taken care of. It will not affect our commitments to export crude.”

“It means that we cannot produce from that particular facility until it has been accessed and repaired. But we will continue to produce from our other assets.”

A spokesman for the Nigerian government stated that the platform was a central collection point for both oil and gas produce. He added that the platform had been partially damaged in the attack.

There have been no conformations of any injuries.

Niger Delta Avengers

The terrorist group, Niger Delta Avengers, have already claimed the attack. The group, responsible for previous attacks on oil and gas infrastructure, releases a statement claiming that they had warned of further attacks.

The statement read: “This is what we promised the Nigeria government since they refuse to listen to us.”