Three Killed Eight Injured In Offshore Platform Fire

Published at 09:10AM - 08/02/16

Three killed eight injured in offshore platform fire, Gulf of Mexico, according to operators Mexican state run oil and gas company Pemex.

The fire is believed to have broken out on board the Abkatun-A platform, located in the Mexican Bay of Campeche, around 0515 local time Sunday.

Offshore Platform Fire

Over the last few hours, Pemex has released only small snippets of information via twitter. The social media posts give no information on the cause of the incident, however Pemex claims to have extinguished the fire and evacuated all injured personnel.

A full evacuation was not necessary according to Pemex who stated on twitter that due to the fire’s isolation in the platform’s compression module, “It was not necessary to evacuate the platform”.

Three Killed Eight Injured

Originally Pemex had reported the deaths of two, however the onshore hospital treating the injured sadly reported the death of a third worker Monday.

It’s believed that two of the deceased worked directly for Pemex, whilst a third worked for contracting company Cotemar.

Pemex Fire

Mexican state run Pemex is no stranger to platform fires and incidence of this nature.

The Abkatun A platform suffered another fire back in April 2015, resulting in the deaths of seven offshore oil and gas workers.

Only last month (January) a fire broke out on the company’s Zaap E platform also in the Bay of Campeche. During the incident all personnel were able to abandon the platform without any injuries.

Pemex Zaap E Platform Fire

Pemex Zaap E Platform Fire


In December 2015, an explosion ripped through an onshore oil pipeline injuring around 30 people in the Mexico’s Tabasco region. The incident was put down to thieves attempting to syphon oil directly form the pipe.