Transocean Grounded Rig to Cost at Least £38m

Published at 05:10PM - 12/10/16

Transocean Winner, the semi-submersible rig that ran aground off the Western Isles, will involve £38 million in costs until it is scrapped in Turkey.

The details of the costs involved in the operation have been revealed as Transocean Winner prepares to resume her voyage towards Turkey to be scrapped, tomorrow morning.

“Without doubt it will cost millions. I think £38 million will be very conservative. It will cost that at least, I would have thought,” government representative Hugh Shaw told media sources.

Transocean Grounded Rig to Cost at Least £38m

The rig had hit Dalmore beach earlier in August after having detached from the tug during a heavy storm.

Since the incident, the rig was towed to Broad Bay on the other side of the island, in preparation for her trip towards Malta, where it will be dismantled before being shipped to Turkey.

Transocean Grounded Rig Ordeal to Cost at Least £38m
The rig was refloated last week

Last week, Transocean Winner was floated onto a heavy lift ship, the Hawk.

When it grounded on August 8, the rig caused a diesel leak of approximately 56,000 litres, although most has evaporated since then. However, a further 50 litres were lost during the refloat operation.

Rig Salvage Op Considered a Major Achievement

The rig salvage operation has been overseen by Hugh Shaw, the Secretary of State’s representative of Maritime and Salvage Intervention.

According to the government official, the final bill is “considerable” and some of the tugs involved cost approximately £60,000 per day.

“With this salvage operation, there were over 200 people involved at Stornoway alone at one time. That is without taking into account government departments and people globally contributing. The costs will be considerable,” he added.

“To have a rig of this size ground in a remote part of Scotland, I think we have done remarkably well to get it sorted in two months. It is a major achievement,” he stated further.