Trump Loses Offshore Wind Fight- In War Of Words

Published at 07:34PM - 16/12/15

Donald Trump has lost his fight to block the build of an offshore wind farm, off the cost of Aberdeen, Scotland.

The row stems from Mr Tump’s attempts to block the proposed wind farm as it would, in his opinion, ‘spoil the view’ from his Aberdeenshire golf course.

Offshore Wind

The Scottish government had previously given permission for the 11 turbine offshore development more than two years ago. However The Trump Organisation took the case to the Scottish courts on two separate occasions in a bid to get the application overturned.

On both occasions, the Scottish courts ruled in favour of the wind farm development.

UK Supreme Court

Following the two previous failed attempts, Mr Trump took the case to the UK Supreme Court.

In the case: Trump International Golf Club Scotland Ltd V The Scottish Ministers, The Supreme Court ruled, Wednesday (16), again in favour or the offshore wind farm development.

Three Times A Looser

Since the ruling, a war of words has broken out between Mr Trump, his organisations, and various parties involved. Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond MP was one of the first to speak up releasing a statement soon after the ruling titled “Trump- Thee Times A Looser’.

Mr Salmond said: “These proceedings have been dragged out for years. In doing so he has at best postponed, and at worst jeopardised, a vital £200 million boost for the economy of the North East of Scotland.”

“The offshore project could have been built by now with Aberdeen benefiting from becoming the offshore wind research centre of Europe – a vital development at a time of rock bottom oil prices.

“The last time Trump was beaten in Court he blamed the Scottish judicial system. Now he has been beaten in the UK Supreme Court.

Hitting back, The Trump Organisation responded: “Does anyone care what this man thinks? He’s a has-been and totally irrelevant.”

In a separate press release, The Trump Organisation, said: “History will judge those involved unfavourably and the outcome demonstrates the foolish, small-minded and parochial mentality which dominates the current Scottish government’s dangerous experiment with wind energy.”

“We will evaluate the court’s decision and continue to fight this proposal on every possible front.”