Two Killed, Seven Injured In Shipyard Welding Fire

Published at 10:33AM - 25/08/15

Two workers have been killed Monday in a South Korean Daewoo Shipyard after a fire broke out during the construction of an LPG vessel.

Reports say that the fire broke out on the very large gas carrier (VLGC) around 0944 local time Monday.  Seven workers have sine been hospitalised with injuries, mainly due to smoke inhalation.

The two deceased workers are believed to both be welders, 39 year old Mr Lee and an unnamed 30 year old.

Both workers are believed to have been found in one of the fuel tanks of the 84,000 tonne vessel.

Whitenesses have said that the fire had been extinguished, however, Mr Lee’s body had not been found till around 1700, whilst the yet unnamed worker was only found at around 1800.

Investigations have already begun, with a spokesman from the firefighting team saying that he believed the fire was started due to a ‘welding spark’.

Daewoo Shipbuilding Co have released a statement saying that they have setup a ‘team’ in order to deal with the ‘procedures for compensations’ including funeral arrangements for the victims families.