UPDATE: Helicopter Crash Details Revealed

Published at 03:16PM - 28/09/16

Steel pipes manufacturer and supplier Tenaris announced that one of its employees might have been on the helicopter crash en route to a Chevron-operated platform offshore Angola on Monday afternoon.

According to the multinational oil and gas service provider, records indicate that the Tenaris field service specialist was on the list of passengers for the flight departing from Malongo, in Cabinda.

“We regret to inform that a Tenaris field service specialist was reportedly onboard a helicopter which crashed en route to a Chevron oil platform off the coast of Angola yesterday”, the company informed in a statement.

Update: Helicopter Crash Details Revealed

Although this has not yet been officially confirmed, the helicopter that crashed may be a Bell 430 type, according to media sources.

This follows information available on the Aviation Safety Network (ASN), a website that keeps track of aviation accidents where information is added by the network’s users.

According to the website, the Bell 430 type helicopter is operated by Heli Malongo, an air charter operator based in Angola, and was built by Bell Helicopter, although the company has not confirmed this information yet.

 Fatal Helicopter Accident Offshore Angola

Chevron’s Angolan subsidiary Cabinda Gulf Oil Company (CABGOC) has already confirmed the incident and said the helicopter was carrying five passengers and one pilot.

The aircraft in question had left the Malongo Terminal in Cabinda on Monday and never reached its destination, the Tombwa-Lândana offshore facility.

At the moment, four passengers have been confirmed recovered but two are still missing, the company stated further, although the Angolan news agency Angonoticias reported all six passengers as confirmed dead.

“Search and rescue operations continue with various marine vessels and helicopters involved in the efforts,” Tenaris informed further.

Meanwhile, the company has reached out to the family of the missing employee to offer its support.