Shell Deepwater Gumusut-Kakap Project

Published at 04:32PM - 26/09/16

The Gumusut-Kakap is a semi-submersible floating production system operated by Royal Dutch Shell which has been producing and piping oil from the Gumusut-Kakap field offshore Malaysia since October 2014.

This is also Shell’s first deep water project in the Asian country, operating at water depths of approximately 3,900 feet and located 200 kilometres (124.27 miles) offshore.

The platform weighs approximately 40,000 tonnes, about the same as 30,000 cars and it includes four decks with processing facilities an accommodation block for up to 140 crew and technical buildings weighing around 23,000 tonnes.

Largest and Heaviest Onshore Lift

The topsides were mounted onto the hull in April 2012, in an operation described as the largest and heaviest onshore lift of this kind.

During the lift, the 23,000 tonne topsides comprising four decks were lifted onto the hull.

The hull of the platform is attached to a 124.27 mile long pipeline that carries the oil to the Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal onshore at Kimanis in Malaysia.

Revisiting Shell's First Deep Water Project

As well as this, Gumusut-Kapap was considered as an innovative project because it uses Shell’s Smart Fields technology to monitor and adjust projection and thus achieve greater efficiency.

Overall, the platform is expected to reach an annual peak oil production of approximately 135,000 barrels per day – up to 25% of Malaysia’s oil production.

Gumusut-Kakap – A Malaysian Production

The Gumusut-Kapap platform was built entirely in Malaysia by Malaysian Marine and Heavy Engineering (MMHE); it is the company’s largest ever structure.

The construction of the platform involved around 5,000 local employees. At the moment, it provides permanent living quarters for 140 crew members in four main modules, as well as 11 technical buildings.

According to Shell, when viewed from above, the platform covers an area of around 1.5 football fields.

The project is a joint venture (JV) between Shell (33%), ConocoPhillips (33%), Petronas (20%) and Murphy Sabah Oil (14%).

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