Woodside Ready for Wheatstone LNG

Published at 10:00AM - 20/10/16

Woodside announced in its third quarter results that it has completed the Julimar project construction and commissioning work on schedule and under budget in preparation for Wheatstone LNG.

Wheatstone liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tank one is now ready for cool down and all the modules for train 2 are already on site, the company informed.

“The Julimar project completed all construction and commissioning work on schedule and under budget in preparation for Wheatstone start-up in mid-2017,” Woodside CEO Peter Coleman, said.

Woodside Ready for Wheatstone LNG

First LNG from Wheatstone is expected from train 1 in mid-2017, while first LNG from train 2 is expected six to eight months later, Woodside explained further.

“Wheatstone is a key component of our near-term growth strategy and will contribute over 13 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe) of annual production once both trains are fully operation,” the CEO added.

Woodside Ready for Wheatstone LNG
The Wheatstone platform, operated by Chevron

The project is one of Australia’s largest resource developments, consisting of one onshore facility with two LNG trains and four offshore supply fields – Wheatstone, Iago, Julimar and Brunello.

Developed and operated by Chevron Australia, the US$29.7 billion (£24.1 billion) project has a combined capacity of 8.9 million tonnes per year.

Woodside Reports Record LNG Production

In its Q3-2017 report, Woodside stated further that it has agreed to acquire all of ConocoPhillips’ interests in Senegal, including a 35% interest in the SNE deep water oil discovery (560 million barrels).

As well as this, the company agreed to acquire half of BHP Billiton’s interests in the Scarborough, Thebe and Jupiter in Australia, raising its resource base by 462 million boe.

Meanwhile, Woodside reported a record quarterly LNG production at the Karratha Gas Plant (KGP) and at Pluto LNG, with no production interruptions in the latter since end-January 2016.

“We set a number of production records this quarter driven by excellent LNG capacity and reliability, which contributed to a 20% quarter-on-quarter revenue increase,” the CEO added.