World’s Most Powerful Seismic Vessel Launched

Published at 05:59PM - 17/03/16

Ramform Tethys, the world’s most powerful seismic vessel is launched, with owners PGS claiming it to be the most efficient in the offshore survey sector yet.

During the vessels naming ceremony, at the Mitsubishi shipyard in Japan Thursday, a spokesman for PGS said: “The Ramform Tethys sets the new standard for seismic operations for the next 25 years.”

World’s Most Powerful Seismic Vessel

The third ship of her class to be delivered, Ramform Tethys has included modifications and improvements over the previously delivered vessels of her class, the Ramform Titan and the Ramform Atlas.

Engine power has been increased to 26,400 kW, from the original 23,040 kW installed in the first two vessels. PGS also claims to have made modifications to the vessel’s back deck handling equipment.

At the stern, the seismic survey vessel measures 70 meters across; enabling her to deploy a full 24 streamer reels, 16 reels aligned abreast and 8 reels further forward, each to a length of 12 kilometres (7.5m).

According to the owners, with the modifications in place, the Ramform Tethys now has the capability to tow enough recording sensors to cover 12 square kilometres, the size of 1,200 football pitches.

PGS Ramform Tethys 70 Metre Wide Stern
PGS Ramform Tethys Stern, Measuring 70 metres across.

Ultra-High-End Value Proposition

Head of operations at PGS, Per Arild Reksnes, said: ”With the increased power output and the back deck modifications we are enhancing the Ramform Titan-class acquisition platform further.”

“Productivity, safety, stability and redundancy are the key benefits of these vessels. Their ability to tow many streamers gives high data quality with dense cross-line sampling and cost efficient acquisition with wide tows,”

PGS CEO, Jon Erik Reinhardsen, concluded: “The Ramform Tethys further strengthens our fleet productivity and together with the other Ramform Titan-class vessels will enhance our competitive edge.”

“In the current challenging market environment we also experience more demand for our best capacity and Ramform Tethys will add to PGS ultra-high-end value proposition.”

Petroleum Geo-Services

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) is a dedicated marine geophysical company, based in Oslo, Norway.

Setup in 1993 with the aim of serving the offshore oil and gas industry, the company currently operates 16 vessels and holds over 450 patents for its technology.